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BoCa En BoCa No21 English

Greetings to everyone,

After a while of not bringing out BoCa en Boca, we're back!

This isn't an accident.

Facing the wave of violence that is touching the lives of everyone in Chiapas, and in light of the recent assassination of our Zapatista compañero Galeano and the attacks by paramilitaries on the Zapatista Council of Good Government at La Realidad, we've decided to come together and put aside our differences in order to spread the news of the organized communities in Chiapas.

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We ask you to forgive our months away, and hope that you re-discover this bulletin just as it was left.

What we have here are fragments and extracts from communiques – we have not added our own analysis. What you get is the voice of the communities.

In Issue 21, we highlight a new step by the government to steal the land of compañer@s in Atenco. Also:
=>The communique issued by the Council of Good Government at La Realidad, relating the attack by paramilitaries from the CIOAC-H group.
=>The members of the San Sebastián Bachajón ejido, who give thanks for the solidarity shown following the assassination of Juan Vázquez Guzmán.
=>A summary of communiqués issued by Citizens United for Nature, Life and Peace, from the barrio of Cuxtitalí in San Cristobal de Las Casas.

We also describe in this issue the march by hundreds of migrants and human rights defenders, where many were arrested by the police.

To finish up, we have included the last three communiques from Subcomandante Marcos.
And more...

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We also remind you that in the PDF version you can directly access links with more information from the communiques.

If you need this bulletin in another language, or if you are able to translate it into another language, please email us!
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Greetings and resistance!

Kolectivo De BoKa En BoKa

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