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BoCa En BoCa 22 English

Faced with the World Cup mania that is invading our spaces, in Chiapas, as in Brazil, priests, women and communities go on writing history through actions and practices of freedom.  We continue to make these actors visible in this issue no. 22 of the magazine BoCa en BoCa for the month of July.

Like the parish of Simojovel, that of Huíxtla is suffering threats for the social work given in faith to the most oppressed, and against legitimized corruption.
The adherents to the Sixth Declaration of the Lacandón Jungle in Tila are speaking out against the plunder and for the defence of their territory, valuing more and more what the history of Mexico brought, the ejido and communal lands, like San Salvador Atenco, State of Mexico.

As in these and other communities, women's organisations are also taking steps in defence of Mother Earth and their rights to land tenure.

This looting of natural resources is also reaching urban areas, where the awareness of citizens is leading to assemblies and organisational forms, as in San Cristobal de Las Casas and Tuxtla, creating resistance to privatisation, such as the privatisation of Water.

We cannot omit a mention for the people of Brazil, carrying on a huge battle against the tanks of multinational companies for more than 3 years, recalling that the nightmare could start all over again with the arrival of the 2016 Olympic business.

But there is still resistance. And one of the most important inspirations of autonomy, the Zapatista men and women, continue to teach us that the fight to defend our freedoms and for life must continue to build, and never lose heart, because this is the work of anyone who has faith in freedom.

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