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BoCa En BoCa 23, English


What matters is not who we are, but what we do.

The struggles for peace and freedom – whatever the location or time – have never had borders. In Chiapas, where people continue to suffer from imposition, conflict, war, and numerous other injustices, valuable people with different faces keep standing up to make their voices heard. They are determined, in the name of their ancestors and their descendants yet to come, to gain the recognition and freedom they deserve.

In edition 23 of the BoCa En BoCa magazine, we continue to support all of those who have marched, spoken, and organised with the aim of defending Life and resisting imposed death.

This month, the majority of the Believing People (or Pueblo Creyente), along with representatives from the different parishes of the San Cristóbal diocese, marched against brothels and the sale of drugs and alcohol – just as Father Marcelo had previously done in the parish of Simojovel. The group also denounced the megaprojects imposed on their communities (such as the San Cristóbal-Palenque motorway) and the various forms of corruption, oppression, and death present in the State.

And it is in this climate of a counterinsurgency war (which has seen displacement, massacres, the promotion of internal conflicts for external interests, and the destruction of communities and forms of organisation) that numerous groups have raised their voices, including: the Xinich organisation; the families of Banavil and Viejo Velasco; the Abejas de Acteal; and communities like Mitzitón and San Francisco (among others) which are adherents to the Sixth Declaration.

We also remember the people on the coast who have also been suffering repression, imprisonment, and violation of their freedoms and rights. A special mention goes out to the Digna Ochoa Centre for Human Rights, the Autonomous Council of the Coastal Area(Consejo Autónomo de la Zona Costa), and the thousands of migrants and the activists who defend them.

But death, “low intensity” war, displacements, and the imposition of megaprojects are not unique to Mexico. The can be seen across the globe and, in the month of July 2014, two cases in particular came to the fore: first with Brazil’s World Cup, and then with the thousands of civilian deaths and injuries in Palestine. The Gazan martyrs are just further examples of the corruption and repression rife in the world today. In many countries, though, this intolerable situation has led people to demand Freedom and Justice for the People of PalestineIn this month’s magazine, we represent the world in all its variety through texts of Mumia Abu-Jamal and SCI Marcos, which give us hope that people will continue to stand up against injustice.

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Greetings and Resistances
Kolectivo De BoKa En BoKa

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