domingo, 14 de diciembre de 2014

BoCa En BoCa #27 in English

“You are not alone, sisters and brothers.
Seek your word among the families of the little boys and girls murdered in the ABC daycare nursery in Sonora; among the organizations for the disappeared in Coahuila; among the families of the innocent victims of the drug war, a war that has been lost since it began; among the families of the thousands of migrants killed and disappeared across Mexican territory.”
EZLN General Command 
In Chiapas, there were many words of solidarity from peoples, towns, neighbourhoods, and communities, for the families, friends and compas of the 43 missing and the 6 dead from Ayotzinapa. The hearts of everyone burned with the same intensity against the cruelty of the federal government and its crime. An intensity echoed even outside the borders.
In Chiapas people also struggle for justice. Justice for the massacre of Viejo Velasco (Xinich); Justice for the Acteal massacre (Las Abejas); Justice for the raped, murdered and abused women (Pueblo Creyente); Justice for the destruction done to Mother Earth (Committee for the Promotion and Defence of Life 'Samuel Ruiz Garcia'); Justice for those who have been displaced or who organized crime seeks to displace (Xinich, Banavil, Tumbala, PUDEE); Justice for all those who are imprisoned for fighting for life (Bachajón); Justice for all migrants, for all the mothers who have lost a child on the road to hell (Caravan of Central American Mothers, La 72); Justice for Mariano Abarca Roblero; Justice for the dead from Venustiano Carranza municipality (OCEZ-RC; OCEZ- Casa del Pueblo); Justice for the people threatened, divided and harassed to benefit very few (El Porvenir, Simojovel, Tumbala, PUDEE); Justice and punishment for the intellectual authors.

“We only want to tell you not to let your word fall. Do not let it grow faint. Make it grow so that it can be heard above all of the noise and lies. Do not abandon your word, because in it walks not just the memory of your dead and disappeared, but also the rage of those who today are below so that those above can be where they are." (EZLN)

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