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BoCa En BoCa -English-

BoCa En BoCa n°18

'Boca en Boca' means 'by word of mouth' in English; it is an independent
news sheet that aims to spread word of what is happening in the organised
communities of Chiapas. It aims to provide a direct counterpunch to the Government's
strategy of misinformation, and create solidarity amongst the communities by providing
news summaries and extracts.

From the mountains of Southeast Mexico.

In this Boca En Boca number 18, we share:

-why the people of the Sierra Madre of Chiapas have decided to take their 
own decisions about their defence, organization ...
-the situation of migrants in Chiapas and Mexico today,
-the Jtatic Jcanam Lum recognition received by the compañero Alberto
Patishtan Gomez, and the voices that continue to speak from prison,
-the violence experienced by the ejidos Busiljá, Ocosingo and Banavil,
-from Gaza, Palestine, children's drawings ...

We remind you that you can have direct access to
links for more information on the news items via the pdf format.
If you need the magazine in another language, or can offer translation into
any language email us!
Thanks for helping us to distribute it.

Greetings and resistances

Kolectivo Boka Boka

BoCa En BoCa in English

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