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The earth is that from which we were born, that gave us life, and in which we will rest eternally. That is why we are all the colours that we are, all of the languages that our hearts speak; that is why we are peoples, tribes, and nations. We are the guardians of these lands, of this country Mexico, of this continent and of the world.”
(EZLN, August 2014)
Compañeras, compañeros, compañeroas,
The struggles against social and territorial control, and for the maintenance of what sustains us as living beings, take their right course when people show solidarity and unity, as demonstrated by the caravan for Maya Q'eqchi' people in Guatemala, and by the coordination between their villages when the oppressive government feeds impunity sending death for their own profit. Or as in the Zapatista Reality when what enables autonomy, a good life, a school, a clinic, was destroyed, the people came together and continued building.

If one falls, more will rise, if what has been built is destroyed, it will be built again.
These are the most beautiful lessons of humanity and brotherhood among peoples facing such darkness. A darkness which monopolizes everything, as PUDEE denounces, one which marginalizes women, the backbone of humanity, and entire ethnic groups, in order to have everything in a few hands. It generates death, promoting a world of nightmares, as it is for the thousands of displaced families across the country, as it is in the barbarity endured by the autonomous communities of Egipto and El Rosario, as it is in the pain of the families of Banavil, as it is in the disproportionate numbers of migrants, as it has been on numerous occasions and as it still is.
To avoid falling into the hands of these dehumanized governments, the communities of Nuevo Tila, of the Lacandon Gap, the families of Bachajon, the Civil Society Las Abejas, members of the Pueblo Creyente, all the peoples represented by the National Indigenous Congress (CNI), continue to defend their territories and natural resources, sometimes at the cost of death, imprisonment and suffering.
Working the Earth, and dying for her. Spreading the true word, from a good education system to celebrations and sharing. Seeking control of our own life through health to keep fighting.
For this reason a school, for this reason a clinic, because these are essential steps for a true autonomy, for a real strengthening of these struggles and for their further developments over time.
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