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BoCa En BoCa 26 in English

 “Our hope for the reappearance of the compañeros is also the pain that unites us; our rage illuminates the candles that today light the way of mobilizations all over the country, raising the cry of dignity and rebellion in Mexico below.”

Each month we say the same thing, but it still needs to be said: there are no limits to injustice in Mexico. The state has disappeared 43 students from Guerrero in the most brazen manner. This is yet another crime committed by the state against students, to add to the long history of the oppression of college students in the country. The intellectual and material authors of this crime have not been punished; one month on from the disappearance, impunity reigns.

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After the massacre of Aguas Blanca, and of Acteal, has anything changed? Have we learned anything from these atrocities? Or, what is it that we've forgotten, than allows them to be repeated? The return of the PRI to power has revived memories:

Such as those of the compañeros from Banavil, who get a reminder of how Mexico offers freedom to those it kills. Or the criminalization of those who take part in social struggles, now a classic phenomenon in Chiapas, as Pueblo Creyente members in Simojovel or the compañeros from the Tila Ejido can confirm.

In this issue, we remember 1974, the year in which the Indigenous Congress took place, where representatives of a range of communities met. Through the organizing work of the Diocese of San Cristobal de Las Casas and [Bishop] Samuel Ruiz, they were able to develop a shared consciousness of oppression and of their own strength as indigenous people.

Further to the north, we remember the Yaqui prisoners, who remain in prison even while national and international pressure comes to bear on the mega projects that threaten their territory. Or the toll highway that will despoil the lands of the Otomi people in Xochicuautla. And in Chiapas, communities continue to organize themselves against the San Cristobal-Palenque motorway, as is happening this month in the Los Llanos ejido.

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