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BoCa En BoCa #28 in English

"Where those from above destroy, those from below reconstruct"
First World Festival of Resistances and Rebellions against Capitalism

We rebuild, in San Sebastian Bachajon, with the recovery of lands stolen by corrupt individuals and foreign companies looking for personal gain. In Primero de Agosto, we rebuild with the search for peace and dignity, in opposition to the imposition of authoritarian power over the people.

 In Acteal, we have spent 17 years rebuilding social peace, in the search for justice and the organisation of the people. On the coast, we rebuild a true justice, denouncing corrupt power. In Elxochitlan in Oaxaca, and in other places, the knowledge of the people is recovered and rebuilt through consensus in community assemblies. How; for what; with whom? All of this was discussed and debated when the Sexta in Mexico and Sexta International, along with the original peoples of the CNI (National Indigenous Congress) and EZLN met to hold the first World Festival of Resistances and Rebellions against Capitalism.

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In this issue of BoCa En Boca, for January 2015, we share news about prisoners, including Alejandro Diaz Santiz and Esteban Gomez Jimenez, from the Sexta of San Sebastian Bachajon. We bring word also of the migrants, and those who support them as if they were their own children, and of the “72” Migrant Refuge. Also of the struggles against mining in Chiapas, of the Pueblo Creyente in its defence of the land, and its struggle for mutual respect, of the Sexta in Tila, and of the organizations OCRI-CNPA-MN, Laklumal Ixim-Norte Selva, the Frente Popular de Ixtapa Ricardo Flores Magon, and the displaced people of Banavil.

We remind you that in the PDF version of this issue you can find the hyperlinks to articles, which provide further information on the summaries provided here.

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Greetings and resistances

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