jueves, 9 de octubre de 2014

BoCa En BoCa #25 English

“They have not been able to destroy our communities. 
Because, like seeds, they continue to grow. 
They wanted to kill us with guns, 
but they weren't able to. They tried to kill us with diseases,
 but again they failed. 
The powerful ones have tried so many ways to finish us off, the indigenous peoples.
Today, they want to kill us with windfarms, with motorways, 
with dams, with airports, with drug trafficking. 
Today it hurts us that, above all, they want to kill us in Sonora, with aqueducts.

The promoters of death continue to act with impunity. There are those who struggle for life, and those who profit from life. As said by the mother of Tatiana Trujillo who was murdered by an ex federal deputy from the PRI: “if you are a politician from the governing party, you can take someone's life, whoever you want, whenever you want, and you'll hardly serve time in prison. They send another message: this will happen again, corruption hangs around like a curse”.

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This month, Boca en Boca spreads the word of the Chiapan peoples who are struggling against the death projects, the megaprojects, which take many forms, as well as against the privatization of land, energy, and water, the assets stolen from the same peoples. From San Sebastian Bachajon, with its famous Agua Azul waterfalls, to Tila, in the northern zone; and so to the Chiapas coast; to Tuxtla, to Acteal and other parts of the Highlands, and to many other ejidos, villages of the state, and on to the Indigenous National Congress, which represents all the peoples of the Mexican nation. And to places further afield, as with the current events in the south of France, where the Testet dam is being imposed.
But in Chiapas a single voice raises itself again and again, in unanimity, rejecting the San Cristobal to Palenque motorway.

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Greetings and resistances

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