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Boca en Boca no.30, March 2015

Power to the people can only be put into practice when the power exercised by social elites is dissolved into the people".

Murray Bookchin (US Anarchist)

As stated by Bookchin, the inspiration of the Kurdistan struggle, power to the people must come from the people themselves. What we all know and understand [about power] is that it is not by asking for it, demanding it or claiming it from the government or the social elites, that we will get it but instead we must take it ourselves. In order to do so, there are various ways, among them those taken up through resistance and civil disobedience by various struggles and initiatives, such as the Civil Society Las Abejas, the Popular Constituent Citizen [Assembly], the Zapatista movement and others.

Due to the diverse forms of repression, deepening and often reaching collectives and individuals on a daily basis, various groups of people reassert and strengthen their convictions in their struggle for freedom, justice and dignity.

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So we hear from the Pueblo Creyente of Simojovel [PCS], when they mobilize with dignity against corruption and monopoly; also we hear from the inhabitants of Pantelhó protesting against mining that only brings death for the benefit of the elites; or from the Women of Acteal, and from elsewhere, when they organize themselves against exclusion and dispossession; or from Candelaria el Alto fighting for respect for the way they organize to defend their lands. The People of Tuxtla Gutiérrez, when they get angry about the mismanagement and corruption in their institutions, angry at seeing the not so natural environmental disasters happening in their lands. The people of Bachajón, exercising justice by guarding their natural resources for their free will and enjoyment; the migrants tired of fleeing and hiding from the inhumane treatment which they suffer during their journey through Mexico.

The reconstruction of the country, like that of the world, must begin with respect between everyone who lives there or even just passes by, and the responsibilities involved in living together, ensuring the application of justice, freedom and dignity.

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